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PLUS Service Agreement

  1. Install all Windows updates and security packs.

  2. Provide virus protection and maintain updates.

  3. Provide Spam protection.

  4. Provide Spyware and Adware protection.

  5. Verify backup of all critical data.

  6. Provide network maintenance.

  7. Service and repair of all computers.

  8. Perform preventative maintenance on all computers.

  9. Provide remote access service 24 hours a day.

  10. Provide 24 hour emergency response time.

This package is perform monthly, call for pricing.


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Hot Tip
Defragmentation is something that is required from time to time on your hard disk drive (HDD).

When a drive is empty it is easy to find space to store files anywhere on the disk. As files are erased they leave empty spaces between the files next to them. As you write and erase files over time, many of these empty spaces are created. If a file being written is bigger than the largest free space, then it must be broken up into smaller pieces and stored in a number of these empty spaces.

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